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Spider Web Launcher

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Product description
Product information:
Name: Spiderman Launcher Glove Set
Material: PVC+Rope
Range: Shooting at a distance of about 3 meters
Size:  Glove 23.5x10cm ;
Launcher 15x7.5x4.5cm;
Bullet 9.5x4x4cm
Rope length about 3m
For Age: above 3 years old
Package: 1 set opp bag,1 set = Glove x1, Launcher x1, Bullets x3, Rope x1,Velcro elastic x2

Tie the bullet with a rope, install the bullet, then press the switch button, the launcher can shoot the bullet .


The WebSpinner™ boasts a remarkable rapid-fire mechanism, allowing users to shoot multiple sticky webs in quick succession. Experience the thrill of shooting out webs in a flash, creating an enthralling web-slinging experience.


Crafted with durable, lightweight materials, the WebSpinner™ is designed for long-lasting play. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling for extended periods, enabling adventurers to swing, shoot, and play without fatigue.

This toy employs a non-toxic suction cup web shooter that is safe for use by children and adults alike.


Encouraging imaginative play, this toy inspires a world of creative scenarios. From role-playing as a superhero to creating captivating challenges, the WebSpinner™ stimulates imaginative adventures, making it an exciting and engaging playtime accessory for kids and the young at heart.

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