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Portable Neck Cooling Fan

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Product description

Product Name: Vaneless Neck Hanging Fan with Adjustable Third Gear Wind Speed


【 Fan blade】: No blade design

【Motor Properties】:2000mAh is a regular motor, while 4000mAh is a brushless motor (quieter and more energy-efficient)

【 Product Material】: ABS environmentally friendly raw materials

【 Product size 】: Approximately 197 * 198 * 60MM long

【 Wind speed 】: adjustable in three gears: first gear for gentle wind, second gear for natural wind, and third gear for strong wind

【 Product weight 】: About 350g (weight with battery)

【 Product packaging 】: Neutral color box

【Output power】: 4.5W

【 Input current 】: DC 0.5A/1A

【Output voltage】: DC5V-9V

【Input voltage】: DC5V

【 Power supply method 】: battery storage (one lithium battery), USB power supply (can be plugged into a computer USB port), power supply from the power bank

【 Product accessories 】: 2000mA/4000mA 18650 battery+neutral color box packaging+USB data cable



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