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Portable Dog Water Bottle

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Summer Walks Just Got Better

"A must have for all dog owners" - Cheryl and her Lurcher Daisy

 Our 2 in 1 water bottle is designed to make hydrating your dog on daily walks and travelling safer and more enjoyable for both pet and owner.

The Easy Walk™ 2 in 1 Anti Leak Water Bottle makes hydrating your furry friend on summer walks safe and simple!

How To Use:

Just flip up the cap and squeeze the bottle to give your furry friend fresh drinking water on-the-go. On a walk or in the car this water bottle is the perfect travel companion!

2-in-1 Convenience

No need for a bowl and bottle, our easy walk bottle combines them both in to one easy to use solution. Not only does it make hydrating your pooch on the go easier but it's also better for the environment.

The internal locking mechanism means that you can drain the unused water from the cup back into the bottle for later and the bottle remains leak-free. 

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