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Mushroom Rain Air Humidifier

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Product description

Relax with the calming sound of falling rain

This humidifier creates a realistic rain effect that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Bring the calming atmosphere of falling rain to any space in your home.

Sleep Better At Night With Our Gentle Night Rain 

The calm night rain sounds will create a relaxing atmosphere in your mind so you can focus on falling asleep peacefully without distractions. The steady rainfall noises will block outside noise luring the brain to fall asleep.

Pair your favourite essential oil with this diffuser and turn your room into a divine oasis while listening to the mesmerizing sound of rain. 

When you add moisture to the air using our rainfall humidifier your skin starts to feel smoother and healthier. You can feel more comfortable during the day and relaxed during the night time in your room. 

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