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Product description

Enhanced slimmer wand for improved comfort and an authentic magical experience.
Intricate wand patterns, bringing movie scenes to life for an immersive cosplay sensation.
Sturdier design for extended durability and longevity.
Be aware of inferior imitations of our wand on the market. Insist on the highest quality and design!

Though an actual Ollivander wand shop doesn't exist, you no longer have to feel let down, as the magic is now within your reach.

The provided fire paper is damp during shipping. Ensure it is thoroughly dried before use. Customers are accountable for damages resulting from improper use

Press the paper gently. Forcing it may DAMAGE the launcher. WE CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGES ARISING FROM MISUSE

✔️The included flash/flame/fire paper enables you to perform INCENDIO at least 100 times, with the option to purchase more.
✔️Package contents: Wand, flash/flame/fire paper, instructions, USB charging cable, all beautifully presented in a gift box.
✔️Built-in hollow steel tube for enhanced sturdiness and durability.
✔️Invoke the "incendio" spell (fiery blaze) and press the switch to release the flame (magic prop).
✔️Safety On/Off switch prevents accidental activation.
✔️Wand Length: 15 inches. Weight: 260g, providing a high-quality, premium feel.
✔️Material: Resin, expertly handcrafted.
✔️Range: 10-25 feet, with larger balls of paper propelling fireballs further.
✔️Charging method: USB (battery-free). Enjoy your magic wand straight out of the box!

This product is not suitable for children and should be used with caution.
Keep the wand away from flammable materials and liquids.

Note: This is a genuine fire-breathing magic wand. Ensure you read all safety instructions and exercise caution during use.

We recommend closely following the instructions and, if possible, using the wand under supervision. Do not aim at people or flammable objects.

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